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CONGRATULATONS to the authors whose invited papers were published in a Special Issue (Vol 43) of the South African Computer Journal. (Download SACJ43 here):
A comparison of data file and storage configurations for efficient temporal access of satellite image data, Asheer Kasar Bachoo, Frans van den Bergh, Albert Gazendam.
抢票软件变黄牛 加速包抢不过手动买票_国内新闻 | BBRTV ...:2021-12-29 · 抢票软件变黄牛:收费藏猫腻 加速包抢不过手动买票,抢票软件,黄牛,春节,车票 视频新闻 职校学生花2万学高铁 “师生从教室打到办公 春运网络抢票乱象,第, Harold Atkinson Dunsford.
An open service network for geospatial data processing, Laura Díaz, Carlos Granell, Michael Gould, Victor Olaya.
A review of Spatial Data Infrastructure implementation in Africa, Prestige Tatenda Makanga, Julian Smit.
Assessment of Location Sensitivity of Voronoi-based Sensor Deployment and Reconfiguration using GIS, Gareth Michael Nicholls, Derrick Kourie, Tinus Strauss.
Factors Leading to Success or Abandonment of Open Source Commons: An Empirical Analysis of Sourceforge.net Projects, Charles M. Schweik, Robert English, Sandra Haire.
Integration of GRASS functionality in web based SDI service chains, Johannes Brauner, Bastian Schaeffer.
NAMGIS - A Context-Aware Mobile Web GIS, Maria Antonia Brovelli, Diego Magni, Maurizio Brioschi, Massimo Legnani, Francesco Corcoglioniti.
Semantically Enabled SOS with Topic Maps, Robert Barta, Thomas Bleier.
The Andean Information System for Disaster Prevention and Relief: a case study of multi-national open-source SDI, Martín Molina, Salvador Bayarri.
Using supply chain management to enable GIS units to improve their response to their customers' needs, Peter Schmitz.
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Outreach:Thank you to the Volunteers who helped plan and run our Outreach activities (OpenStreetMap mapping party in Hout Bay and two school events with teachers and pupils) and all the Volunteers who helped run the conference!. See here for more details.
You can view an online conference MAP. And for South African news you might want to track this site and for tourism information, this site and the Accommodation & Travel link in the right panel.

The 2008 Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) conference, incorporating GISSA 2008, gathers developers and users of open source geospatial software as well as managers and decision makers from around the world to discuss new directions, exciting implementations, and growing business opportunities in the field of open source geospatial software. FOSS4G is presented annually by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). Focussed on the practical "make it work, get it done" world of open source application development, this annual conference boasts a very high concentration of geospatial technical opinion leaders. Attendance at this event has grown at over 50% a year since its inception in 2003, paralleling the rapid growth and adoption curve of open source geospatial tools in the marketplace. In 2008, FOSS4G comes to the Cape Town International Convention Centre, in the downtown heart of Cape Town, South Africa. The Conference Theme for 2008 is

"Open Source Geospatial: An Option for Developing Nations"

The local host for FOSS4G 2008 is the GeoInformation Society of South Africa, GISSA and this year FOSS4G incorporates GISSA's biennial conference. Besides being a defining event on the international GIS calendar, it certainly is the most important GIS conference in Africa this year.
While Free and Open Source GIS is our focus, we have also accepted papers for the 'applied' topics that used proprietary or mixed GIS. We want to encourage exposure, debate and understanding among FOSS and proprietary communities. Where appropriate, talks will be marked clearly on the programme as FOSS / Proprietary / Mixed. All Labs and Workshops are focused on FOSS GIS.

Topics that have a FOSS component or perspective are:

  • New FOSS GIS developments
  • Interoperability and standards - OGC, 免费网络加速器排行榜
  • Web processing services, Sensor Web enablement and the like
  • Using FOSS with proprietary software
  • Making the transition to FOSS GIS
  • 免费网络加速器排行榜
  • FOSS GIS business models
  • FOSS GIS implementation and deployment
  • Open data, open content, open architectures, open everything!
  • Case studies of open source implementations
  • Improving FOSS GIS cartography and map production
  • Use Case driven FOSS GIS development and improving the user experience
  • FOSS GIS Internationalisation and Localisation

Topics for applications, methodologies or theoretical geospatial work are not limited to a FOSS perspective:

  • Sustainable development and the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals)
  • Disaster management
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Climate change
  • Weather
  • Ecosystem management
  • Agriculture
  • Biodiversity
  • Land reform
  • Education
  • Government
  • 迷信“抢票加速包” 不如尝试“候补购票”-法治观察-中工网:2021-1-2 · 迷信“抢票加速包” 不如尝试“候补购票” 随着2021年春运火车票开售,一年一度的春运抢票季即将拉开序幕,在外辛苦了一年的人们,此刻最希望拿到的或许就是一张回家的车票。面对短时间的集中客流,热门地区的车票依旧十分抢手,这也为 ...
  • 免费网络加速器排行榜
  • Semantic Web and ontologies in GIS
  • Location based services, logistics, routing
  • 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa
  • NGOs, CBOs (Community-based organisations) and community development workers
  • Mining, exploration, beneficiation
  • Spatial economics
  • Military


  • Hands-on workshops and labs on using and developing open source geospatial tools
  • Education-related outreach day
  • 哪款网络加速器好用
  • Technical visits
  • Full exhibition hall and demonstration theatre
  • Virtual market for FOSS GIS opportunities
  • Launch of integrated '1-click' FOSS GIS Linux and Windows distributions
  • Competitions
  • Launch of FreeGIS books
  • Launch of online FOSS GIS courses
  • Poster session
  • 'Birds-of-a-feather' sessions
  • Great social programme!,
    • 网络加速器推荐
    • 风云际会精品软件园 - 红豆博客:2021-4-4 · 八匹马网络加速器是针对网络游戏玩家量身订做的一款网络加速器软件,通过使用八匹马软件,您将享受到八匹马服务器带给您的最优化网络传输,让您在访问游戏服务器时获得最佳的访问速度,让您蹒跚的网络速度顿时欢畅淋漓起来。
    • Tour and travel opportunities before, during and after the conference



Final programme published

You can now view the 最好用的免费网络加速器 for FOSS4G 2008.  
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Recent insight into South Africa

春运抢票加速包转7次抢票成功?专家:用软件或更慢 ...:2021-1-3 · 记者体验抢票软件截图(手机截屏)“我和火车票的距离,只差你的助攻!”春运将至,对于期盼回家、有出行需求的人们而言,除直接在12306等官方渠道买票之外,抢票软件成了更多的人选择。由此,朋友圈里有不少人开始分享抢票平台,求助亲友加速抢票,还有些平台直接引导用户加价抢票。  
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Conference map site for FOSS4G 2008

You can now view an online conference MAP.  
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New Bronze sponsorship category opened + workshop preview

a new Bronze sponsorship category has been opened (~$1000) and Workshop submissions can now be previewed.  
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